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03 Aug 2022 11:46:37
Hi Ed hope you are well.
Are Chelsea in talks with Barcelona for fdj?
If so have manchester utd now moved on ( as they should have a while ago) or are they still clinging on to some sort of false hope.

{Ed002's Note - Frenkie de Jong (CM) Barcelona don't really want to sell although if a significant offer (perhaps €80M) were made, their financial situation would mean they would have to consider it and the hierarchy except that removing his very significant wages from the books would free up space to register other players. There was a chance that a deal involving Lewandowski and cash could see something happen as he was seen as a Tolisso upgrade for Bayern Munich but they had already committed to another. During discussions between Barcelona and Chelsea options for a number of players were discussed but Chelsea do not again want protracted negotiations which led nowhere over another player last summer - they may make a take it or leave it offer including a player or perhaps two. Manchester City may provide another solution using Laporte or Silva as part of the deal - and don't be surprised if PSG switch their attention to him, but have preferred targets. Manchester United did switch their attention to de Jong but have failed to persuade the player to join them - and it would be a hard sell for MU without Champions League, although no doubt having a coach he knows well will help. Manchester United are still talking to Barcelona about the player but at some point will revert to other ideas as his "agent" has told Barcelona he will not be leaving to join Manchester United and they do not want to negotiate a new contract. His agent has spoken again with Chelsea and Manchetser City. And he may well stay where he is.}

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03 Aug 2022 12:11:04
Thanks Ed.
Utd should have moved on a while ago. I'm guessing neves from wolves will be someone united interest will lead to.
Enjoy your week Ed.

{Ed002's Note - There are several options for them.}

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23 Jul 2022 21:46:08
Hi Ed, please could you say what teams have tabled bids for frankie de jong.

{Ed002's Note - Manchester United.}

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26 Jul 2022 09:24:20
Thanks for reply

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07 Jul 2022 22:00:50
Hi Ed,
There are rumours Barcelona are making a move for Lewandowski.
How is it they are able to sign Kessie, Christensen, and pursue Lewandowski without offloading players when they are believed to be in such awful financial difficulty?
They seem to be trying to tie Dembele down to a new contract also which is interesting. From the outside they don’t appear to too concerned with letting players leave.

Laporta has apparently said Frenkie De Jong needs to take a pay cut which seems strange when they are signing several players.
What is their position as it relates to outgoings? Are they a stubborn bunch?

{Ed002's Note - They are selling players and have significant additional funding arriving.}

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08 Jul 2022 09:50:24
Thanks Ed. Have a good weekend.

{Ed002's Note - And you.}

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07 Jun 2022 21:14:30
Hi Ed,

What are the plans for Rafael Leao?

New contract or is he more likely to move on?

Thanks as ever

{Ed002's Note - It is expected he will leave.}

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24 Jun 2022 15:50:10
Hi Ed what are his options who is interested?

{Ed002's Note - The same as I have previously explained.}

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28 May 2022 02:48:40
Hi Eds, there seem to be a few rumours circulating about Neymar being made available from PSG. My expectation is that his wages, the fee etc might be too massive for anyone to realistically be able to afford, and he might not want to move (I can't see him desiring Newcastle, no offence Newcastle fans but the project hasn't moved to that level yet). However, do you think that he might move on? Any possible locations for him?

{Ed002's Note - Neymar (LW/F/AM) PSG will sell if they can to utilise his saved wages in order to keep Mbappe. Offered to Chelsea and Barcelona, and will be offered to others. The transfer fee will be small but the wage demands will be huge. Any club buying him need to consider looking for additional sponsorship to help with wages and will need to think about any disruption it may cause. Chelsea very nearly signed him in 2011 and again in 2013, but his "additional" demands killed off any chance of a transfer then. Barcelona will look to avoid the temptation for a return and look to much younger additions.}

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05 Jun 2022 01:22:40
I know you may not want to get into finances ed002 but as a general norm do clubs get sponsors to contribute to a specific players contract? And would it be a Nike/Adidas sort of clothing company or any sort of sponsor who the player then endorses? Many thanks :)

{Ed002's Note - No. Players, or rather their agent, can obtain sponsorship of their own.}

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21 May 2022 16:46:43
As it now seems Mbappe will be staying at PSG and Haaland already heading to City which other players will Real now turn to?

{Ed002's Note - I have dealt with this plenty of times. Clubs always plan options - nothing has changed.}

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10 May 2022 19:30:28
Hi Ed. Do you have any updates on what clubs are looking at Isak please?

{Ed002's Note - Nothing has changed as far as I know.}

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10 May 2022 21:44:39
Thank you

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07 May 2022 18:31:23
Good afternoon ED002 - I hope you are safe and well.

I have done a search on Eden Hazard and the last time his name was mentioned on here was May 2021. Do you have any recent notes on your database about him such as are Real Madrid looking to move him on, does he want to move on and what clubs maybe interested.

Also, are Chelsea likely to sign Saul Niguez after his season long loan? Does Niguez want to stay or move back to Athleti, and what clubs are interested if he is to move from Madrid?

Many thanks - KR65

{Ed002's Note - Eden Hazard (LW/RW) Real Madrid have problems one way or another with most of their wingers. Hazard will be another that Real Madrid will listen to offers for and he has already been offered to several Premier League sides. West Ham indicated at the right price they would be interested but the player would not be interested in such a move. It is difficult to talk of the timings of transfers but Hazard is, like most of the wingers at Real Madrid, potentially available for a transfer and is being actively offered around. Whilst there is some support from someone senior at Chelsea, others are not keen to pay the asking price for a 30 year old so they are not an option. I think a move to England unlikely unless the fee drops considerably. Milan and Borussia Dortmund may offer solutions at the right price. May well be offered to Lille as part of another transfer. Has been offered to Newcastle as well - and they are open to further discussions.

Saul Niguez (CM) Chelsea have an option on Saul and may or may not take it up - I suspect they might not but but whilst they are looking to integrate Conor Gallagher they also know there will be midfield departures. Two other sides have asked to be kept informed of the situation as we move toward the summer and a couple of others might declare an interest - most notable is Barcelona who are trying to balance extending youngsters, raising funds through sales and adding some experience.}

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07 May 2022 21:57:35
Thank You

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05 May 2022 18:18:21
Ed002 who is interested in koulibaly thqnks

{Ed002's Note - Kalidou Koulibaly (CB) Bayern Munich put in an offer for KK that was much less (about half) than Napoli's valuation of €50M last summer. The interest of Liverpool, Everton, Real Madrid, PSG, Manchester City and Manchester United has likely gone due to his age and whilst there is no doubt about how good he is, €50M for a 30 year old would not seem like good business. Perhaps at half that price he would be a good solution and financial issues may see Napoli reduce their asking price and to ask for offers from elsewhere. Barcelona want to add him on a loan with an obligation to buy deal but they are split between board members whether they should add him in addition to AC with three CBs leaving or not. Milan has a declared interest but have much preferred options. It has been suggested that Newcastle may be interested, but if they start buying without the right structure in place it will will go horribly wrong. Hard to see him moving.}

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29 Apr 2022 12:06:05
Hi Ed, are Real Madrid interested in signing Reece James? Thankyou

{Ed002's Note - Yes.}

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20 Apr 2022 13:16:47
Ed002 who is interested in danjuma thanks

{Ed002's Note - Arnaut Danjuma Groeneveld (LW/F) right footed left winger - was watched by Liverpool in 2019 and 2020 and there were discussions with Lille, Leicester, Southampton, Wolves, West Ham and Wolfsburg. Manchester United have had a very high-end scout who is an ex-PL player look at him on more than one occasion as they look for a possible Rashford replacement. May be an option down the list for Real Madrid. He moved to Villareal nine months ago so it is most unlikely he will be moving any time soon. Liverpool have Mane, Diaz and Jota in a similar position already.}

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04 Apr 2022 10:06:08
Hi Ed002, who is interested in Andrea Belotti? He's out of contract this summer.

I'd assume Roma's interest has gone with Abraham signing.

Could Arsenal reignite their interest from a few years ago to replace Lacazette/Aubameyang?

{Ed002's Note - Andrea Belotti (S) of Torino is out of contract in the summer and may provide a solution for Barcelona to add a player as cover, although they prefer another. Spurs could also look to him as cover and as a Free Agent he provides a potentially viable addition for Arsenal, but again would not be the preferred choice for either. I think this is one Inter can yet win out, but again he is not first choice - Spurs or Arsenal may decide to push. Don't rule out Milan but discount Toronto and Newcastle who have asked.}

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04 Apr 2022 14:01:02
Cheers mate ????????

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25 Mar 2022 18:22:27
Hello Ed02c if you are around.

Salah looks off and I guess he is heading to Barca. Do you see a swap deal involving Dembele? Klopp is a massive fan of him and that is certainly a win for Barca. They want him off.
When fit he is probably one of the best wingers on the right. And unlike Bowen (west ham will want at-least £90 mill) he would be a viable option.

What do you think Sir?

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any planned swap with Barcelona.}

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25 Mar 2022 20:36:06
That’s okay mate. But do you its even possible. Rather than splashing a mountain full of money on Bowen. Dembele might be an option?

{Ed002's Note - Obviously pretty much anything is possible. Sarr might yet still be a target.}

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25 Mar 2022 22:38:03
Right winger and comparatively cheap. Do you have any wild card option for us mate? What is your preferred choice? The issue is nobody is ever going to get those Salah numbers.

{Ed002's Note - I have explained the options.}

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26 Mar 2022 12:56:14
Dembele is out of contract in the summer so Barcelona I’m sure Barcelona would love to swap a player they wouldn’t own for Salah ????

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23 Feb 2022 22:29:02
Ed002 who is interested in joao felix thanks

{Ed002's Note - Joao Felix (AM/F) An approach for him from Barcelona was rejected in the summer although they will return. Manchester City see him and another as a potential Aguero replacement rather than recruiting a Kane or Martinez type striker. Juventus and Inter have enquired after a loan as Atletico need to reduce their wage bill. Certainly will not be sold in January and I rather doubt he would be available in the summer, but if he is Barcelona's interest will persist.}

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08 Feb 2022 14:48:44
Hi Eds, any truth of English sides preparing a bid for Ronald Araujo?


{Ed002's Note - Ronald Araujo (CB) Barcelona want to refresh their CBs in the summer and are looking for a long-term replacement for Pique and they know that Umtiti is not the solution they had hoped for - although he has taken a significant drop in wages to stay. This has them looking at Free Agents, with Andreas Christensen their preferred option but there remains a desire for a major buy at CB. They could use Ronald Araujo, who has yet to agree a new contract, as a part exchange option as they look for a solution to their various transfer needs and he is another of the players they could sell, having already spoken with Chelsea, knowing they have a potential CB problem with four Out of Contract in the summer, during discussions over several players. Manchester City offer an option and have spoken with Barcelona. I doubt he would be first choice for Chelsea or Manchester City. His agent has spoken with Manchester United who are expected to look to add a CB in the summer. Barcelona will push for a new contract but to date there has been no agreement.}

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08 Feb 2022 16:44:30
Cheers ed

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29 Jan 2022 21:44:24
Ed, does traore going to Barcelona have any link to dembele leaving? Or am I putting one and one together and coming up with three?

{Ed002's Note - Barcelona want Dembele gone this month. Not because of Traore.}

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30 Jan 2022 20:23:14
Thanks for the reply ed

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30 Jan 2022 21:39:35
Could MU be tempted toward a loan deal after the appalling MG news breaking today?

{Ed002's Note - They ideally want to sell, but there has been a discussion with Manchester United.}

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31 Jan 2022 13:44:24
Thanks Ed02

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04 Jan 2022 09:48:24
Ed002 is it possible to get a list of ins/outs for barcelona thanks

{Ed002's Note - They have a large number of players available and are interested in a lot as well - I can answer specific questions.}

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06 Jan 2022 14:33:09
Ed002 can i ask about dest and de jong thanks

{Ed002's Note - What do you expect to be different from what has been included oin the Chelsea page. I will reanswer here as you are again chasing me from page to page but will delete everything from the Chelsea page.

Sergino Dest (RB/RWB/LB) Barcelona need to raise funds and free up wages and will look to Moussa Wague to step in and will let Dest leave in January given they have cover in Alves and plan a summer addition. Roma will likely give up on preferred option Dalot and turn to Dest. Prior interest of Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich has gone and an approach to Chelsea has resulted in a sharp intake of breath over the asking price, but they could be interested if a lower price could be agreed - but that would also spark further interest from Munich and possibly others. Barcelona would be willing to offer him in part exchange for any of the Chelsea players they are keen on. Monaco offer an option and are happy to include Djibril Sidibe as part of a deal for Dest, however Barcelona's preference for Dest replacement remains Mazraoui. Dest may refuse a move. Versatility makes it a possibility and Barcelona may have a creative plan to snag a player from Chelsea in the summer and some cash for an immediate move.

Frenkie de Jong (CM/DM) Tolisso upgrade for Bayern Munich but Barcelona don't want to sell although if a significant offer (perhaps €90M) were made their financial situation would mean they would have to consider it. During discussions between Barcelona and Chelsea, options for a number of players were discussed but Chelsea do not again want protracted negotiations which led nowhere over another player in the summer and they have a preferred option. Manchester City may provide another solution.

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28 Dec 2021 17:43:48
Amy interest in Mæhle? And Can I ask if Chelsea are interested in him?

{Ed002's Note - No, Chelsea has no interest.}

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29 Dec 2021 10:34:58
Thanks for your reply :)

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16 Dec 2021 20:21:36

Any interest in Gareth Bale? Do you think he will return to the premier league?


{Ed002's Note - He’ll see his contract out in the summer and will take perhaps a few months off club football and see how he stands with the MLS in early 2023.}

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16 Dec 2021 22:44:42
Thanks for the reply

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17 Dec 2021 00:49:12
Any reason why he wants to take a break, Ed?

{Ed002's Note - He will want to see what offers there are.}

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08 Jan 2022 19:06:55
To be fair there are great golf courses over in the U.S. Suit him down to the ground.

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09 Dec 2021 13:34:22
Ed002, what is the current situation at Barcelona with regards to Frenkie De Jong?

Lots of rumours he could be sold, several suggesting he is one of the few Barcelona want keep and consider not for sale.

Obviously Barcelona need to rebuild, and are in a tricky financial position meaning they will likely have to raise funds to buy players.

Obviously as a United fan I'm interested in the links between De Jong and United. Although personally I'd have thought Ralf Rangnick would want to work with the players he has before drawing up any potential options for improvements.

{Ed002's Note - Frenkie de Jong (CM) Tolisso upgrade for Bayern Munich but Barcelona don't want to sell - although if a significant offer were made their financial situation would mean they would have to consider it. Bayern however may have other ideas. Manchester City may provide a solution but he is not first choice. Discussions about other players from both sides with Chelsea have not seen De Jong mentioned which means Barcelona will not be looking to an early sale and others will leave first. Manchester United has other midfield targets and it is difficult to see how the player could be persuaded to join even if there were interest.}

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03 Nov 2021 15:05:49
Hi Ed. Got a question regarding Vinicius Junior, on the back of one of your replies on the Chelsea site (but considering it's about a Madrid player I figured it would be more appropriate on here).

You said that all wingers at Madrid are potentially available for a transfer. Vinicius has started this season very well, finally adding end product to his overall game. Have any clubs this past summer (or the past few weeks) shown an interest in taking him from Madrid?

{Ed002's Note - There is no current interest in him and much will now depend on other sales and incomings in the summer.}

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04 Nov 2021 08:27:15
Thank you, Ed. Have a nice day :)

{Ed002's Note - And you.}

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27 Oct 2021 23:48:58
Hi eds,

Who is Barcelona looking at now that koeman has been sacked?

{Ed002's Note - Pep Guardiola (C) Laporta would like to take Guardiola back and add Mbappe or Haaland next summer. I understand that Laporta has already spoken with Guardiola and his brother. It has been suggested that Guardiola would look to replace Luis Enrique after the 2022 World Cup. Barcelona will push when Koeman leaves but I suspect one phone call will end chances of it happening.
Joachim Loew (C) Will be in no rush to take on a club job just yet but number two to Gaurdiola on Barcelona's list. Very unlikely.
Roberto Martinez (C) has some support from the board. But there is an equal group against him.
Xavi Hernandez (C) The fans solution but lack of European experience will be an issue - too high risk and should continue in Qatar for a year or two more else Barcelona could need to make another change soon. But the likely solution - and a likely mistake.
Julian Nagelsmann (C) On the list but certainly won't be happening.
Antonio Conte (C) A safe option but personalities may clash - and the lack of funds will make life difficult. Very unlikely.
Albert Capellas (C) Would be seen as a bit of an wildcard - but don't lose sight of him as he will be more open to working with the youngsters.
Marcelo Gallardo (C) I doubt it right now - he has previously turned down the Barcelona job on more than one occasion but he would be on the list for them again - but they would likely get the same answer.
Eric ten Hag (C) If he were approached he would likely not be interested.
Domenec Torrent (C) lots of knowledge of the club and no longer tied to Guardiola - but would be high risk. Another wildcard.}

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01 Nov 2021 23:47:50
Ed2. In your opinion would Guardiola leave City for a Barcelona team in transition? From that outside looking in it strikes me as an odd move to make.

{Ed002's Note - Laporte wants it but as I explained Guardiola will not want to make that move.}

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22 Oct 2021 13:17:53
Hi Ed002, Raheem Sterling has made it clear that he would perhaps be looking for a new challenge away from Man City.

Are any clubs interested in potentially signing him and what would Man City want to recoup from the player sale?

{Ed002's Note - Raheem Sterling (W) At the right price his sale will help the start of a rebuild. He will be available for perhaps £60-70M. Could be one of the players offered to Spurs for Kane or Barcelona if any part exchange is possible. Else he will have to settle for a new contract.}

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25 Aug 2021 00:18:00
Ed you said that the plan for Real Madrid is for them to sign Mbappe this season and Haaland next season. now that benzema has sign new contract, do the plan with Haaland remain? or is it completely unrelated? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - It is unrelated.}

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15 Aug 2021 20:18:50
Hi Ed002

I’m sure a read a while ago that you said MU where talking to Atletico Madrid in regards to Saul. I’m not after blow by blow updates, I was just wondering if they’re still talking or has the interest moved on.

Much appreciated.

{Ed002's Note - Saul Niguez (CM) Nobody will pay his release clause, but Atletico could look to a high fee for a player who has a contract that runs for years in order to get his €300k weekly wage off the books. He was Bayern Munich's first choice to add for midfield but Bayern see his cash price at €60M (or €75M on terms) and wages of €300k as too high and will turn elsewhere. He is being offered to the usual suspects who have money – Barcelona (who would need to include players in a deal - and offered Griezmann but Atletico saw his wages as too high), Manchester United (who would probably need to offload Pogba), Juventus, Manchester City, PSG, Chelsea as a potential Kovacic replacement - many of which are looking to add a player in his position, but his wages are a major issue for most. Atletico have effectively signed his replacement in de Paul but may make other midfield changes as well. I am not aware of any bid from Liverpool to Atletico at this time, but he would be an excellent choice, but a lot more expensive than other options which could rule him out. Atletico have said that there have been further discussions with Barcelona but they would prefer the cash to having any players involved in a deal. Other clubs could become more involved if players are sold, Pogba for instance.}

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